Emil den Dulk from De Toren Private Cellar and Gregor Drescher, a German expert in extreme production techniques, teamed up and formed EXPRESSION UNIQUE S.A.R.L. based in Luxembourg. With Gregor's research into what makes the great wines of the world and De Toren's proven expertise and attention to detail, we identified spots in France, South Africa and Austria to make special limited release wines.

The first wine to be released from EXPRESSION UNIQUE was the 2010 vintage BOOK XVII from South Africa, and all 600 bottles were sold out within 60 days. With more precision and elegance BOOK XVII is defining its own style now. A slightly longer maturation period and in 200% new premium selected oak. The aging potential will be far more than 40 years.

The hardship of traditional wine making is easily forgotten when confronted with this lavishly packaged fine wine, while unscrewing the wooden case with your own Allen key and uncorking BOOK XVII with such grace in front of close friend. BOOK XVII however is one such perfect wine that will give you the complete privilege of honouring the past, but applauding the present. Claiming balance, distinction and complete respect. Handcrafted with the utmost care and finesse, portraying the harmony of ancient flavours.

BOOK XVII - The name is based on the writings of the Roman Philosopher Pliny the Elder. In his book number 17, chapter 35 he touches on why wines from certain areas are exceptional - it was these basic teachings that inspired us to the name the wine, BOOK XVII.

What Pliny wrote about wine making... In AD 77, two years before Pliny's death, he completed his Natural History Book. In BOOK XVII, he reviews the history of wine, the viticulture and vinification process. In the writing it becomes very clear that site/terroir is the most important attribute of growing exceptional grapes to produce exquisite wine.

PLINY constantly lamented about the quality of vintages deteriorating and the increased production of cheap wine... the same phenomena is repeated now in modern times.

With BOOK XVII we have gone back to the original virtues of making wine by hand and applying intense attention to detail to each phase. The true importance of viticulture practices in the wine making process, is completely enlightening, liberating and at the same time humbling - when you realise everything is all about getting the basic elements precise!

Producing BOOK XVII at De Toren is no small feat - we have since 1994 studied, analysed and recorded detailed information about every aspect of the vineyards... soil type, sea influence and weather patterns. To guarantee perfect production conditions we built a separate cellar for EXPRESSION UNIQUE, directly in the center of De Torens' Winery.

By using near infrared aerial imaging and by evaluating parcels of vines within these vineyards, specific vines have been isolated for creating this exceptional wine. To transform these perfect grapes in world class wine requires the latest "know how". This "know how" we gather exclusively for EXPRESSION UNIQUE in our French cellar "Cave de la Petite Révolution" in Roquebrune sur Argens.

Exercising this difficult and demanding winemaking process three times per year (France, Austria and South Africa) allows us to increase the quality level of BOOK XVII and its French counterpart VISIONNAIRE in the most obvious way. It is all in the taste!

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